Nas Delivers On ‘King’s Disease‘

The knock on Nas has always been his beat selection. No one has questioned his pedigree as a premier MC for nearly 30 years- but some of the scattered beats from album to album have left listeners baffled. A lack of cohesion works for some rappers- and it’s certainly worked in part for Nas- as…

Latin Grammys

I’m finding it harder and harder to write about music.  But for good measure, lets talk about Action Bronson- a man who weighed nearly 400 pounds a few months ago. During a recent interview with Hot 97 Bronson revealed that he was working on a self-help book and took a good look in the mirror….

Lansky Jones Goes Gonzo

You’ve stumbled onto the confessions of an old, washed rap dinosaur whose routine is painfully typical. He turns on the laptop every few days- checks the same sites that remind him it’s getting harder and harder to relate. He crafts anonymous and meticulously critical (yet hilarious) comments for the culture (after checking for grammar errors)….