Peep This: Schoolboy Q- John Muir


I’m catching static about Q’s Blankface LP. It’s not as fully developed as his previous work…it’s not as accessible…  That’s all noise to me. The record is fire. If every crew deserves a Kendrick, there must be a Schoolboy to balance shit out. Here’s the visuals for “John Muir”, one of the albums strongest tracks. Enjoy.


New Sounds: Well$ feat. Deniro Farrar- ’98 Juvie (Remix)


19-year-old Charlotte MC Well$ has my full, undivided attention. Check out “’98 Juvie”, a remix featuring fellow NC rapper Deniro Farrar, originally dropped in 2014. There’s a definite east coast thing happening when Well$ is on the mic, but don’t get it fucked up. It’s not blind thuggery or any sort of golden-age jacking. It’s something brand new, but entirely comfortable. Get his music, news, and info here. Enjoy.



Zero Chill: Joe Budden- Afraid (Drake Diss)


This shit it hilarious. Apparently Joey has 1,000’s of bars in his head about King Aubrey from Toronto. I listened to all five minutes of this three times running. Is Drake trying to make a statement by responding only on “No Shopping”, French Montana’s new single? Is the beef beneath him? Again, the best part is Budden is doing this for sport.  So far, I have it scored 40-15, Joey. Enjoy.