Lorde Fredd33- NORF: The Legend of Hotboy Ronald

Lorde Fredd33’s debut, The Legend of Hotboy Ronald, dropped last May. Pitchfork called it “a deeply personal portrait of Black life from America’s rust belt”. That’s a great sentence. I need to write more. Fredd33’s art is wedged perfectly between jazzy 90’s nods and today’s top-40 electronic pulse. You could pigeonhole his sound as “trap”,…

Lansky Jones Goes Gonzo

You’ve stumbled onto the confessions of an old, washed rap dinosaur whose routine is painfully typical. He turns on the laptop every few days- checks the same sites that remind him it’s getting harder and harder to relate. He crafts anonymous and meticulously critical (yet hilarious) comments for the culture (after checking for grammar errors)….