Deftones: ‘Ohms’ Is a Return To Form

Deftones are releasing their 9th album, Ohms, on September 25th via Reprise Records. The first single shares a name with the record, and it sounds like the metal band I became fascinated with in the 90s. They’re the masters of mood metal- a genre I might have just created- anchored by Chino Moreno’s perfect snarl and the bands love of chainsaw riffs and shoegaze bridges.

Terry Date is handling the production duties- the same brain who helped engineer some of Deftones finest records, including Adrenaline and White Pony. Date stopped working with the band after their self-titled album in 2003. Fans of the early, crunchier Deftones sound will certainly rejoice.

“Ohms” is a taste of what’s coming at the end of September. This will be a nice record to usher in the fall weather and and cold moods. Hoodies up for the return of Deftones- the best of the best.

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