Mission Of Burma: Signals, Calls, and Marches (Matador, 2008)


Image result for mission of burma signals calls and marches

This EP is the reason we suffer with the term ‘post-punk’.  Boston label Ace of Hearts put this recording out in 1981, and it flipped a switch. It’s a brainy mess- packed with raw punk energy- but glued in place with angular, intelligent playing that would go on to influence everyone from Fugazi to Paint It Black. Critics say this is too polished and didn’t capture the power of their live show. Who gives a shit? This is a ground breaking EP at a time when experimenting with sound set the course. “That’s when I Reach For My Revolver” still gives me the chills. Thanks to Matador’s choices in 2008, we have an expanded edition with more meat on the bone. Phenomenal debut for sure.  A

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