Slaine-One Day (2019)

Image result for slaine one day

Boston’s Slaine is a rugged mainstay in my headphones. I’m sitting at my desk right now playing his newest record, One Day, imagining how different my life would have been, had I been born and raised in South Boston- especially if I lugged around the same temperament that I did for 25 years in upstate NY. Boston New Era fitted aside- Slaine’s ability to snapshot his life in a calculated blend of truth and actor’s charm is the reason I’ve fucked with his music for so long. He’s relatable, but just out of reach.  One Day is a welcomed addition to his catalog, capturing the successes of sobriety without losing an ounce of edge. What I love about this La Coka Nostra allum is that he’s stayed just out of the mainstream for so long that it wouldn’t make sense for him to take a dip in those waters now. Or maybe I perpetually root for the underground? Either way, he paints a better picture than the champions of today’s charts- without a fucking doubt.  B+

Check out the visual for “Do What You Love”, the track that wraps One Day– an album worth a spin as well as a mention for one of the most perfectly sequenced projects of 2019.

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