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There’s a few things to keep your eyes on as January rolls by.

First. I’ll be publishing a ‘best 50 films of 2000-2019’ with my pal Josh very soon. We have no business creating this list. We’re not professionals in the movie industry whatsoever. We just like movies, and we like talking shit. There you have it.

Next. This site is going back to basics. New music, weekly reviews, all the hot takes. I might toss in an occasional editorial or interview if I have the time. When I started this blog many years ago- it was with the understanding that I’d be sharing my favorite music with whoever tuned in. We’re taking it all the way back. No wasted words. Just what I’m hearing and how I hear it.

Looking ahead. I’m in the very early planning stages of a book project with Riley Wallace. This dude has paid all the dues, has the bylines to prove it, and does it his own way. I’m honored to be a part of his vision, and I cannot wait to get started.

Cheers to 2020. Cheers to living somewhat disciplined- or if not, having the balls to own that too. Never mind the resolutions and the “new year, new you” mess. Just get up, get out, and get money. Stay tuned. This might be the year…


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