Fanatics Be Like…

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How about this new Drake “EP”? This dude is so pompous that he’s calling two new songs an EP. The concept is comical. But what’s more hilarious is the mediocrity of the songs themselves. I am fully convinced this guy is wholly bored with the art he creates. He sounds more and more disinterested with every release. Listening to Drake is like hearing Ben Stein read a grocery list. The. Monotony. Is. Killing. Me.

He only loves his bed and his mama, and he’s sorry. That indeed, Aubrey. Quite sorry.  Simple suggestion? Try harder. Not for the fans that will follow you into the dark one shitty bar at a time. But for the culture. Or your legacy. Or for the sake of rapping for raps sake. Do more. And while we’re at it, stop stealing artwork fam. You have plenty of bread to commission something you can call your own.

Drake fans, feel free to sound off up top.