Mom’s Spaghetti #1

New Favorite Rappers

Top Left: CRIMEAPPLE, Top Right: El Camino, Bottom: Lou The Human

My job isn’t to convince you that I have good taste in music. At this point, you should just trust my recommendations, and keep it pushing.  Here’s a new feature for 2018 (I know I’m early, I just wanted to get this first pack into your hands) called Mom’s Spaghetti. Three new rappers who can (and will) go bar for bar with your current favorite MC’s. Comment and let me know how this post changed your life.

CRIMEAPPLE: NJ is my least favorite state to drive through. Route 17 is a perpetual strip mall, and besides a White Castle and a few good diners it’s a land that I can do without. While I shit on Jersey in jest, it’s home to some of the greatest rappers of all time. Redman, Joe Budden (don’t @ me, Joey goes harder than any mumbling idiot on your Spotify playlist), Lauryn Hill, Naughty By Nature, GDP… the list goes on and on. Add CRIMEAPPLE to that mix. This kid is burning up right now on the strength of Metralletahis tremendous debut. He’s EL-P mixed with Roc Marciano. A thinker with limitless metaphors, unafraid to boast with the best of the East Coast newcomers. I’m ready for CRIMEAPPLE’S huge 2018.

El Camino: There’s no denying that Griselda Records completely dominated the game in 2017. Front man Westside Gunn is quietly quarterbacking a fucking movement, signing to Shady and putting out projects from Conway, Benny, and their newest soldier, El Camino, all while selling out drop after drop of fire merch. Camino’s a Baton Rouge kid who sounds like he’s used to hand to handing bags on the corner while trying to dig his car out of a Buffalo snow storm. He’s young and hungry and just as grimy as anything we’ve heard in NY in years. A perfect fit for the Grisela/Shady camp, be sure to check out his debut mixtape which features the late Prodigy as well as Conway and Westside Gunn. GxFR.

Lou The Human: Lou’s debut, the amazing Humaniac, leads off with back to back tracks which sample Wu Tang and DJ Shadow. I was hooked from that point on. This kid is a Staten Island menace who’s digested equal parts early Eminem and Tyler, the Creator to lay the foundation for his ‘go fuck yourself’ persona, translating beautifully in his controversially hilarious stream-of-conscious bars. He captures the sound of slowly losing your mind on wax that hasn’t been felt since we first caught wind of a bleach-topped Slim Shady many, many years ago. 2018 is Lou’s year. You’ve been warned, meet the new Rosanne.


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