New Sounds: Words Hurt- Soul Music for the Soulless

Alaska and Lang Vo are Words Hurt. They met on Twitter. They fell in love through a chain of beautiful (since deleted) emails. And now they make cerebral hip hop music for you to run errands to. I suppose you could fight to it, or possibly cook dinner while it’s playing? Either way, Soul Music for the Soulless is grown up rap for fans of stinging word play and hard beats.

You’ve read my gripes about how “overwhelming” it is to keep up on new music these days. I have a solution. Don’t waste energy with all that unnecessary pressure. Instead, listen to this for a few weeks and simply skip all the mediocre bullshit vying for your time.

Grab the album for $7, you cheap shit heads.

And here’s a video of their last full length for your pleasure.