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It’s fall fam. Welcome back.

Summer writing was plentiful. Lots was said, some was published, some went to the stash. All in all, it was a much needed return to the pen for your boy.

Most importantly, I was able to get my first few pieces published at hiphopdx.com. I’m working with Riley Wallace, a fantastic writer from Toronto, on an editorial column called “5 Chances To Convince Me”. I guess I’ve become the Joe Budden of the blog world with this one. Riley tosses out five reasons I should hop on board with a popular or polarizing artist (think Wale, Lil B, Uzi). My job is to concede his points or stand my ground. Since I rarely run out of shit to talk, I do just fine.

I also wrote a few reviews and an interview for Above Average Hip Hop. I have total creative freedom over there, so it’s a pleasure to put words together for those guys. This weekend I’m finishing a fantastic interview with Rude Jude Angelini from Shade 45 ahead of his new book Hummingbird, which releases on September 19th. That should be published by Tuesday afternoon.

The most rewarding project I got around to was outlining my next novel and completing the initial five chapters. I’m taking my time in order to nail the nostalgic feel of the 90’s, but I’m not sitting on it like I did with The Electric Confessional, my first book which took way too many years to “complete”. The shit still isn’t done, even though the last page says …the end. There’s no such thing as done. Revision is life, but it can also drive you insane.

I’m back to work. Back to the gym. Back to reality. Stay tuned for more.


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