Upcoming Release Radar

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July has been good to us. Shawn Carter got back to rapping. French Montana dropped Jungle Rules which is an end to end banger, Vic Mensa’s Autobiography debut will be one of the best records of 2017, and Meek Mill is about to destroy all doubt with Wins and Losses.

French is out now, and currently in my heavy rotation. Check iTunes if you purchase your music, or any of the streaming sites if you’re into that method. Do not sleep on “A Lie” featuring The Weeknd and Max B. No idea how they got a recorded Max verse for this one, but it’s ILL. It’s also a little late in the season to crown a ‘song of the summer’, but it’s damn close for me. The video is hilarious. French and The Weeknd with a bunch of bikini-clad women on a boat, Hudson River, cloudy day. Classic.

People seem slow to get on board with Vic Mensa, and I’m not sure why. He’s a standout in the Chicago scene for me on the strength of his candor. He’s not hiding behind God-raps or trap star brags. He seems realer than all that. “Wings” featuring Pharrell and poet Saul Williams is dope, and gets me excited to hear the record next week.

And then there’s Meek, everyone’s favorite punching bag. I have no idea why this man doesn’t command respect. He’s dropping fire at all turns. He’s done nothing but release fantastic singles since his split with Nicki. None of that Drake shit matters anymore because Meek Mill is making music that pours out of him and that’s as genuine as possible, not the music that pulses for the charts like “the 6 God”. I’m calling it now, Wins and Losses will silence the hate, mark my words. There’s also a short film coming to accompany the album’s release.

Last thought… I don’t understand Jay’s video for 4:44. Maybe highbrow art is lost on me? Who knows. My review for that record should be posted at Above Average Hip Hop some time today.  Enjoy your week and comment if there’s something I should be hearing. I’ll leave you with the visual for Jay’s “The Story of O.J.” Powerful stuff.


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