The Kids Ain’t Al(t)Right

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Disclaimer: I don’t fuck with politics. I say that in regards to my personal interactions and my social media presence. Sure, when pressed in a crowded saloon I’ll let you know where my head is at, and once in a blue moon I’ll let off a tweet in response to some public or social occurrence that rattled my cage, but I truly keep to myself when it comes to the state of the union.

If you know me, you know that I’m well-educated. I dedicated a handful of tedious and expensive years to earning multiple degrees that have afforded me the luxury of living a life above the poverty line. I don’t say that to gloat, I mention that so you have some context in which to gauge my level of bullshit.

I haven’t been schooled in public policy, nor have I studied socioeconomics beyond a few undergraduate courses many years ago. What I have done is wholeheartedly thrown myself into this community where I help kids on a daily basis, who reside on the streets all around me, in an attempt to bring some slow-moving change to the city where I’ve laid my head for the past 18 years. I’ve held the same position for the past ten years, and I have zero intention of walking away.

I’ve made it my business to stay on the second cut of the political fairway in 2017 to keep my sanity. I have smart, passionate friends who would love nothing more than to hear my thoughts on Trumpito’s reign at the top, but all I got is my drink and my two step.

When it comes down to it we’re all arguing at the top of our lungs for whichever side we ride for. The only way we’ll affect real change is to first acknowledge the counterclaim, and second: get involved and stay involved working hand and hand with local legislators to draft and pass laws that have nothing but the best interests of the city residents in mind. I haven’t seen that happen quite yet, and yes, in that regard I am part of the problem.

As much as I admittedly enjoy burying my head in the sand the second politics becomes the active topic, there was no way I could ignore an article that came my way today. Apparently the “Alt-Right” is alive and well in the Capital City of New York. I moved here when I was 19, and I’ve always viewed my city as progressively liberal, generally aligned with the democratic ideals of the left.  “Alt Right” formations might not be alarming on nationwide scale, but it certainly caught me off guard in context to the 518.

If you’re scoring at home, the “Alt-Right” ideology was introduced in 2008 by Paul Gottfried during a speech in which he highlighted a new conservative, one who no longer identified with the current conservative (Republican) movement. According to The New Yorker, Gottfried never used the term “Alt-Right”, his remarks were later reported by a website under the headline, “The Decline and Rise of The Alternative Right.” And just like that, a new breed of right-brain extremists were born.

So what the fuck does “Alt-Right” mean? If you don’t subscribe to The Neon Tangerine’s insane tweeting, or the Vice Prez’s theory that you can “pray the gay away”, but you lean a bit towards the conservative side, are you “Alt-Right? The term itself is evolving as quickly as our system seems to be diluting itself.

While many would argue the “Alt-Right” is a clever way to subscribe to the “Make America Great Again” mentality of a country tired of slick talking politicians, others would claim the “Alt-Right” is actually blatant promotion of white separatism while simultaneously backing homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-feminism, discrediting media sources, and flat out social and political bullying tactics (which have been documented, complied, memed, and shared at an alarming rate online).

From all this political jargon emerged new phrasing like “Alt-Light” and “New Right”; youth-led movements which aim to distance themselves from both the Republican political thinking and white nationalism, and instead looked to strengthen “Western values.” Either way, these “alt” movements feel angry, isolated, and motivated by extreme judgement and hate.

This divided thinking leads to the organization of like-minded ladies and gents, which brings me to the Proud Boys, a group who are allegedly finding footing in my home, Albany, NY.

The Proud Boys surfaced sometime in 2016, and stand behind the theories found in The Death Of The West, a 2001 book by Pat Buchanan. These confused little boys (and girls) believe in a “pro-Western” society; they’re a frat of pale-skinned cowards who refuse to apologize for the triumphs (and tragedies) forged by the white man over the course of the last 200 years. They also don’t cop to their clear-cut “pro white nationalism” stance, but instead claim they’re supporters of the men who shaped the modern world. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

Social media propagates these movements. The key stroke is mightier than the sword, and unfortunately these groups aren’t just about spreading their rhetoric via blog posts, rallies, and the word-of-mouth brainwashing of weak-minded kids looking for a family. They’re violent. They stand behind their “beliefs” so strongly they will fight. They will stomp. They will hurt people to “save” people, and it’s sick.  I’ve always been more Malcolm than Martin, so I will forever defend me and mine.  But before any of us react, we must consider the source of the message and the landscape of our nation.

The “alt” movement concerns itself with what “real Americans need.” Yet, real America is a collage of sights, smells, and tones. Real America is a place where we’re free to chase the almighty dollar. Real America is a blurred, fractured land. But, real America is also the place where free speech is protected and the Internet is the actual wild fucking West.

So, live above the bullshit, and if you subscribe to any of this hate-mongering rhetoric, do your research and only then speak your mind. Because until you’ve lived in or among any of the cultures, groups, cities, or communities you condemn, your opinion won’t be worth the bandwidth you used to spew it.


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