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We sure are living in odd times, no? The Admin, the social climate, the art. Everything is twisting and burrowing itself into a bizarre niche that will someday be studied on tablets in classrooms around the globe. That’s assuming there’s a globe to study upon, but the Paris Accord pull out is a discussion for another blog, some other time.

Lately, I’ve been casually observing life’s finer moments through the warped, fish eyed lens of Twitter. It’s a one-stop-shop for social commentary. Looking for politics? You’re set. Need up to the minute sports? It’s there in 140 characters or less. Music news? Comedy? Pure unadulterated ratchet behavior? Better believe it. The shit I witness on Twitter on a daily basis would give my parents nightmares. We’re living in a big, bad Worldstar, and I cannot look away.

The scary part is, I can’t lose sight of Twitter because it’s become my sole social media vehicle. I deleted my IG app (not my account), and I’ve never actually completed the sign up phase for Facebook (my will isn’t strong enough to resist the imminent creep on ex friends and lovers). So that leaves me to my 140 character research…and sadly enough, I’m ok with it.

I tweet my jokes. I promote my writing. I attach gif files. I do what most aging, somewhat socially conscious old heads do…I hate. I find the shit the kids are in love with and I tear it down. Not only do I tear it down, but I do it with the full understanding that I’ll likely contradict myself down the line and halfway enjoy the same sounds and behaviors that I mocked (which leads me to occasionally delete older, salty tweets).

Please don’t get me fucked up. I’m not sitting here with a fidget spinner on my index finger, blasting Teenage Emotions (yes, there are some jams on that record) on repeat. But, I have made some concessions in my daily music and cultural intake based solely on the joy and happiness some of this seemingly nonsensical material brings to the kids.

In my 9-5, I’m surround by young people. I soak up what’s being heard, said, and even occasionally read. At work, I’m the observer. I’m the outsider. I’m sure on a few occasions, I’ve been the punchline of the 140 character joke. But regardless of how many times these little fools mention my Lebron edge-up, my slightly noticeable belly, or my “wack” top 5 (eat shit if Nas isn’t on your list), the kids are alive in 2017. They’re living in a time of break-neck pacing. Everything happens all the time. There’s no rest, no cover. Their lives, and now mine, are captured in tiny bursts.

On an entirely different note, Yelawolf released a new single yesterday called “Row Your Boat”. It’s the lead joint from his upcoming (and much delayed) Trial By Fire record. I love it, but I’m biased. I think Yela’s lane is entirely unique to his brand. So catch me bumping whatever he drops. Today is Friday. The sun is out. There’s a shit ton of new music out there to explore. So get up, get out, and get something. REinvent yourself, even if it’s 140 characters at a time.

Witness my shenanigans on Twitter @ThexGlassxHouse. Help me reach 1,000 followers so I can finally tell my mama I made it.



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