Updates and Implications


We’ve come to a bit of a crossroads.  I’m not sure there’s a need or want for this site to continue in its current form. There are a million blogs out there and we’re all chasing the same ‘next big thing’, so what’s the element that keeps people coming back? Is it the insight? Maybe the syntax. I’d like to say it’s the desire to ingest some genuine sentiment and/or discover exciting new content.

We’re going dark until November. When we relaunch, it’s going to feel a bit different. You’re going to see more creative pieces. More features. Less up to the minute content. I’ll always share what my current soundtrack happens to be, what I’m hearing and what you need to hear, but that info will accompany the issues and topics that are consuming my mind right then and there. I imagine of fusion of music and prose where one truly leans on the other. Lets see where this takes us.

Comments? Suggestions? Please feel free to reach out…

See you in November.  -El Hefe