New Sounds & Sights: Joe Budden feat. Fabolous and Tory Lanez


1st things 1st, Hot 97 exists at an exclusive mainstream level intending merely to compete with other media outlets like Complex. They are not “hip hop”, nor do they care much for the progression or preservation of the culture. Recently, Joe Budden stepped into the hornets nest known as Ebro in the morning to promote his upcoming new record, Rage & The Machine, only to be met with 25 minutes of banter about Drake, questions on why he fired his podcast co-host (who Hot 97 had in the studio unbeknownst to Budden), and a butt-hurt Rosenberg caught in his feelings.  Ebro eventually got to mocking the art of technical rapping, to which Joe up and left. Lost in most of the talk was the promotion of Joey’s new single, “Flex”, featuring Torey Lanez and Fabolous. You decide whether or not to ride with the radio boys. Check out the single below. Enjoy.

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