We Must Learn: RAST- I Don’t Wanna Fight


I don ‘t use this blog for any political agenda. I rarely comment on the ways of the world. I simply stick to what I hear, and how I hear it. But when what I hear is influenced by what I’m seeing/watching/reading in the world, it all blurs together. These instances are those I cannot ignore. I’m tired of the analogies. I’m over the long-winded soap boxing. I’m not going to watch some liberal (or conservative) news channel doing their best to influence the masses and generate ad revenue.

Protesting isn’t working. Politicians aren’t listening. Law enforcement isn’t going anywhere. Maybe music can be that branch to slowly spread from one yard to another? Either way, check out RAST’s most recent, “I Don’t Wanna Fight” clearly inspired by the events of the last few weeks. Normally, I’d say enjoy…but this time we shouldn’t have to.


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