New World War: Prophets of Rage-The Party Is Over


We live in a world where the line between celebrity and spokesperson is blurred. We want these people to speak out until they say something different from the agenda that we believe in or subscribe to. 2016’s rocky political climate just got a little more strange. Enter Prophets of Rage, a super group of epic proportions featuring Brad, Tim, and Tom from Rage Against The Machine fronted by B Real and Chuck D.

On paper, all this rebellion makes sense. But is it an elaborate scheme to cash in on The Donald’s quest to shake America up like a 22 ounce Mountain Dew in a WalMart parking lot while simultaneously selling a heap of tickets and tee shirts this summer? Who knows.

Either way, listening to Chuck and B Real do real live Rage karaoke is pretty awesome, and apparently the “Prophets” have new songs and a tour all lined up.  Full audio from last weeks debut show @ the Whiskey in LA is below. Enjoy.


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