When Keeping It Real Goes Really Wrong: Troy Ave


In the wake of a shooting inside in the green room at Irving Plaza during a T.I. show last week, it’s impossible to not shake your head at the stupidity of Troy Ave. The dude has been grasping for some sort of credibility since he started hand to handing mixtapes a few years ago, but he never got the proper engines burning behind his work. Now, the NYPD has him on tape letting off 5 shots in the artists space backstage, which will likely end a career that has fizzled more than it’s ever shined.

Not only did my dude Plaxico himself in the leg, but he allegedly struck his own bodyguard/affiliate in the stomach with a slug, killing him. Once the dust settles and the police put the ballistics together, Troy (born Roland Collins) will be facing murder charges and will have plenty of time in the box to craft his Gucci-esque next act. In the meantime, check out “Doo Doo”, a fitting name for the only single that even sort-of caught fire for Mr. Ave.


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