Controversy Abound: Beyonce-Lemonade


It’s become second nature for Beyonce to drop surprise records. Her latest, the sprawling, hectic, condemning, redemptive Lemonade is in fact a shocker in terms of the time and platform in which it fell into our hands (not really…thanks Tidal). But it’s in no way a mystery in terms of mood and content (thanks Jay Z).

If Lemonade is in fact the razor-sharp spotlight on her troubled marriage the internet so desperately wants it to be, kudos to Beyonce for having the guts to air it out the best/only way she knows how. It’s a massive sounding collection of songs, all (except Formation) centering around the collapse and potential repair of a love gone wrong. It pulls no punches, and all but paints us a color by number of Jay’s missteps. Thanks Becky.

But what if this record is pure art? The picture of any devoted couple’s rocky path in 2016? A sign of the times indicating that nothing Gold Can Stay? What if the mighty Jay and Bey are sitting in their castle made of precious metals and stones simply watching the figures pile up on what shakes out to be a rather standard R&B/Pop record, in an otherwise legendary career? Who knows.

A wise man once told me, “Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a man tired of dealing with her”. Harsh sure, but somewhat revealing in this Lemonade saga. Did he cheat? Is this art? Should anyone give this much of shit? Who knows. The record is dope, but it’s nothing (in style or delivery) we haven’t heard from Beyonce a hundred times over. She’s the baddest bitch. She loves you better. She’s the Queen of everything. Only this time the hurt feels slightly more authentic, and that’s why the world is clamoring for the truth.

Check out the trailer for the visual video collection/film that aired on HBO this weekend. Let me know in the comments if you saw it.


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