Surprise Time- Kendrick Lamar Drops Untitled Unmastered


Kendrick has a knack for delivering poetic justice in our time of need. It’s relatively early in 2016, and also not long after the release of arguably his best and most challenging record in To Pimp A Butterfly. In the wake of Yeezus being Yeezus and fisting us with the messy love that is The Life Of Pablo, DJ Khaled being on one in the most delightful way, and RetcH going to jail for the next twenty years…we’re treated to Untitled Unmastered in surprise fashion. Thank you hip hop.

The record is a collection of the songs Kendrick’s been doing on the live show circuit, and a few that didn’t make To Pimp A Butterfly. No names and presumably unmastered, these songs exist in a raw state. And now they’re ours. What a tremendous way to start a Friday. Grab the record here or wherever you sail the free music seas. Enjoy.


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