Is The Hype Real? Kanye West-The Life Of Pablo


First Swish, then hastily changed to Waves, now TLOP or The Life Of Pablo and the real question is…are we supposed to give a shit? Ye will make an album that everyone talks about regardless. Dude could record wind from the passenger side of a speeding car and we’d still line up like a soup kitchen in the dead of winter. We’re hungry Mr. West.

Apparently we’re so hung up on your new record that we’re bootlegging the audio from your Madison Square Garden fashion show/listening party (that many media outlets are calling ‘ramshackle’) because we need it so bad. Save the ramshackle bootlegs, I’ll wait for the legit, monstrous, mastered version to bless my headphones before sharing a single sentiment.

TLOP. The Life Of Pablo. Picasso not Escobar in case you’re wondering. Stay tuned.



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