New Release: Koncept & J57- The Fuel EP


November 20th marked the drop of Koncept & J57’s The Fuel, a project tailor-made to define and defy the era in which it was created. The NY-based duo has been hard at work on the project for over a year, and now it’s here. Patience is a virtue, and the duo spared no detail releasing the EP in anticipation of 2016’s full length, The Flight.

Lets face it, hip hop is in a tailspin.  There’s a bar deficiency marked by trendy tracks with robot-voiced choruses threatening to wash the culture in a perpetual shade of turn up. Patience is running low while anxiety rides high, and in that every day space you’ll find Koncept rapping over J57’s immaculate beats on The Fuel. There’s a light in this project meant to guide you whether you realize you need the help or not.

The eight-song EP finds Koncept delivering serious wisdom. His struggle is ours and vice versa. You can’t help but appreciate the vibes and bask in their collective PMA from start to finish. These two have been insanely busy leading up to this release; dropping vids, interviews, and singles, with The Fuel culminating their epic year. And that hard work channels a passionate, positive message via 57’s massive production.

The Fuel is built to last.






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