New Visuals: Gunplay- Wuzhanindoe feat. YG

MMG’s resident maniac Gunplay dropped his long overdue debut record, Living Legend, today. I’m not sure how legendary the project is, but it’s full of gems like “Wuzhanindoe”, and the fantastic “Chain Smokin'” featuring Stalley and Curren$y. Check out the Los Angeles feels all over this one. Tattoos, cop cars, buttoned up coaches jackets. What’s happening though? Enjoy.


New Visuals: Oddisee- Belong To The World

Oddisee’s “Belong To The World” is a beautiful snapshot of isolation juxtaposed with the sheer scope of this planet. We’re tiny pieces of an otherwise infinite puzzle. “Belong To The World” is a strong cut from Oddisee’s latest record, The Good Fight. Be sure to grab a few of his records here. The thinkers MMG. Enjoy.

Authenticity: The Lost Art of Hip-Hop

Can we please admit that this “beef” currently running wild on the internet between Meek Mill and Drake is about anything but hip-hop? Can you imagine a world where all rappers rapped because they loved the art and the culture of hip-hop music? This tiff between two high-paid, and in my humble opinion overrated MC’s (even though I’m a much bigger Meek fan than I’ve ever been of Drake), is about posturing. It’s about the broad scope of its reach, not bars.

You don’t give a shit about authenticity. You haven’t for years. You crave the turn up. How many Migos songs do you currently have on your phone? How many times have you purchased an album in the past year? Your idea of a hit is how many times it was liked or retweeted. Authenticity doesn’t matter, just like this beef doesn’t matter. You think anyone cares that Drake has a team of writers in his camp? Absolutely not. He has a team of writers because he is a smart businessman. When he can’t find the right words, he’ll pay someone who can. Meek stepped into a mess. He’s tangled himself in a glitzy web of butt-hurt Drake fans; 21st century mall fashionistas and mid-twenties white dudes with heartache in skinny jeans. Unfortunately Meek, you’re going to feel their mighty digital wrath.

Micheal Jackson wrote 4 of the songs on Thriller. Get the fuck over it. If you cared who wrote what and who’s better than who, you’d stop listening to the steaming piles of shit dominating 90% of the world of “hip-hop”, forcing yourself into the work required to find/respect art that is authentic. Too bad it doesn’t matter.

But before you claim Drake bodied Meek, or ended his career, please remember one thing. Drake started from the bottom as a middle-class actor in Toronto. He wasn’t battle rapping in cornrows on the streets of Philadelphia. He’s made a living crooning about his love life, which in retrospect may not be authentic experiences in the first place. Now he’s staking his reputation on diss tracks focused not on the man on the other side of the mic, but the woman who ultimately got away from him. Par for the course. Music is art, and art is about expression. But after all, it doesn’t matter. Who really gives a shit about authenticity anyhow?

New Release: Giant Gorilla Dog Thing- Clabznshit

Albany, NY’s toughest duo, Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, is back this fine Friday morning with Clabznshit, a collection of…well…collaborations with artists near and far. The twist? You probably haven’t heard many of these songs yet, which means you can call this a brand new record and everything is right in your little world. MC’s Dood Computer and Dez trade verses with their pals that make the verses you love or have written seem weak and feeble. But that’s ok, because you can purchase the record here and study up. Sharpen your pencil, re-ink your pen, and work harder. The fork and knife are in the building.

New Visuals: Despot- House of Bricks

This one makes me entirely happy. Despot’s We’re All Excited has been a long time coming, and by the sounds of things, it’s nearly here. This clip for “House of Bricks” finds Despot in the crib with his family doing what they do, laying low. Don’t sleep on those Polo pieces either. Rare. Stay tuned for a full review of the record as soon as it’s available. Hand over fist.

Reunion Strikes Again: Capone-N-Noreaga are back with Lessons

CNN are back with their 5th studio record, Lessons. The record comes after the group chose to reunite again in 2013. Lessons feels like a family affair of epic throwback proportions featuring production from Statik Selektah, Large Pro, and Scram Jones. Guest verses are all over this thing via Raekwon, Tragedy Khadafi, and the LOX. It feels right whether that fit is dated or not.

The War Report 2…not exactly, but these two vets still bang even after a decade of bids and disappearances from the public eye.