Hear This: Vince Staples- Summertime ’06

Vince Staples’ dense new offering, Summertime ’06, slimes its way into your psyche, revealing snapshots of Long Beach California three minutes at a time in a fashion that elder statesmen Snoop Dogg and media darling Kendrick Lamar can’t seem to harness.

Summertime ’06 plays like a companion piece to Earl Sweatshirt’s latest record. They’re both products of corrupted young minds fed from the social media frenzy. The new west is a re-imagined coast, a place were expansive and somewhat bleak records are some of the most exciting releases in all of hiphop.

Where handfuls of fresh MC’s (see Joey Bad and Logic) are scrambling to pack their verses with verbose combinations of syllables and cadences Staples, like Sweatshirt, has decided to strip it down marking his territory with poignant smatterings of harsh truths.

The twenty songs spanning this two disc collection are as ambitious as they are terrifying.  No I.D. handles the bulk of the production, slowing things at times to a calculated crawl resulting in a true glimpse of California sans palm trees and flashing lights. Buy this record immediately.

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