Guest Spot: Mumford & Sons- Wilder Mind

Will the real Mumford & Sons please stand up?

By Dandry Fields

With the release of Wilder Mind Mumford & Sons have finally shed the fiddle folk, jug bottle band sound for a polished rock and roll experience. Wilder Mind sounds more like the band Marcus Mumford and friends were meant to be and feels as though they are finally comfortable in their own skin.

The album has its quieter songs that we’ve come to expect, but the band really gets a chance to shed some light on their new found grown up side.  Don’t get all upset…you still get the folk and twang (impressive seeing how Marcus is a Brit) that fans love, but there’s something undeniable about this band plugging in and filling up the spaces with electricity.

Shockingly, this record blew me away.  This is definitely a stand out release, and certainly worth a download. Wilder Mind won’t disappoint, and If you aren’t sold yet check out “The Wolf”, “Wilder Mind” and “Ditmas”.

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