Listen Up: Remy Banks- higher.

Children Of The Night and World’s Fair representative Remy Banks’ higher. might be my favorite under the radar project of 2015. Banks is a quiet force in the new New York movement delivering urgent bars over lush instrumentals that provide the perfect atmosphere for floating away. He’s less of a novelty as the Flatbush Zombies, and plays it far cooler than Bodega Bamz, but NY runs cold in his veins.

Banks is Queens through and through, but possesses a maximum chill akin to that of Currensy. Neither MC is in much of a hurry, yet both manage to apply unique pressure with effortless cool. Banks is at his best when unwinding on “the function” and “things i do”, both recalling the golden era without falling completely out of love with 2015. When it’s time to flex, look no further than the excellent “rem” featuring his Children Of The Night compadre Nasty Nigel.

Download the album here, and don’t forget to run it through on repeat this weekend. You’re welcome.


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