Built To Spill: Untethered Moon

Built To Spill’s music is a testament to dedication. They take long breaks between records (haven’t put out a record since 2009), write/record/scrap full projects, tour when they want to, and somehow manage to stay gold in the eyes of both fans and critics.

An indie jam band of sorts, Built To Spill banks on the genius-machine that is frontman Doug Martsch. His furious pen has steered the ship since their 1993 debut. A Built To Spill record is always an experience; a loose concept adventure exploring life, loss, and love. Even with an entirely new rhythm section (this is bassist Jason Albertini and drummer Steve Gere’s first record with the band), Untethered Moon is no different.

Moon feels like Martsch’s open letter to aging out. He’s unsure if the connection between Built To Spill and the outside world still exists, but he’s dialed in and determined to find out. With no shortage of guitar theatrics and swelling tempos, it’s clear there’s no reason to doubt the band’s relevance in 2015.

You can see Built To Spill tour Untethered Moon with Death Cab For Cutie on a few random west coast stops this summer. I’m catching the Portland show on July 8th.  Old heads rejoice.


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