New Music- Ratking: 700-Fill

Whether or not the fellas in Ratking are from “the triple down goose era” as they claim is beside the point. 700- Fill is their new EP that picks up where their tremendous debut, So It Goes, left off. Ratking’s sound is a gritty, audio smear of NYC in 2015 that bursts into new territory with each release without lifting the one foot firmly planted in the murky history of the East Coast.

The EP kicks off with the powerful “American Gods”, followed by “Arnold Palmer”, allowing Wiki to elevate his status as one of the best young MC’s in New York City. 700-FIll is dark and jazzy, blurring by like street lights through a cab window at 70 mph on the West Side Highway. It’s dazzlingly cool and stylistically complex.

Ratking isn’t set on making entirely accessible music, a factor that may keep their name just south of the mainstream. Yet, that also makes them most relevant. With 700-Fill, Ratking continues making music which wholeheartedly represents the sound of young New York, one disjointed opus at a time.


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