First Take: Yelawolf -Love Story

Yelawolf has been crafting and perfecting Love Story, his Shady Records sophomore release since 2011’s Radioactive. Admittedly, his debut played like a helter skelter bag of verses tossed at various producers with varied results. There were a few gems, a handful of forgettable filler, and a legendary collaboration between Yela, Gangsta Boo, and Eminem. One listen to this new record proves there’s nothing standing in his way moving through 2015.

Yelawolf is poised and calculated, allowing for his true artistic intentions to shine on Love Story. The record is entirely authentic, bridging the gap between the Alabama MC’s love for hip hop and country rock and soul. Whether singing or rapping, Yelawolf has never been more focused as he is on these 18 tracks.

Sequenced to perfection, igniting a true concept feel, Love Story brings Yelawolf’s passion for writing and creating to life. The record showcases his careful eye for power and grace. He flexes full creative control throughout wedging haunting country blues like “Devil In My Veins” alongside flame throwers “Outer Space” and “Heart Break”. The latter, an ode to gold digging mothers that stings whether or not the shoe fits.

“American You” is the real gem of this collection; a song written to rebuke the ‘Born in the USA’ notion of middle America living. It’s a call to arms for the oddballs to unite under Old Glory, regardless of your tattoo collection or wages earned.

Yelawolf’s brand is affectionately dubbed ‘Slumerican‘, and Love Story is certainly served up for true fans to devour. It’s nothing like any release of this year, and will only serve as a vehicle for Yela to expand his sound, fan base and mind like the Outkasts and Kid Rocks before him.


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