Upcoming Release: Action Bronson- Mr. Wonderful

Action Bronson’s incredible rise has been marked by his balanced ability to rap and to memorize with a massive personality. It’s impossible to ignore his magnetism. He’s funny, full of shit, and spits head scratching bars that are equal parts clever and insane. He seems to exist on an entirely unique plane, where “sometimes his only friends are drugs and the cannoli”.

Mr. Wonderful is Action’s major label debut full of self righteous gems. You’re front and center in Bam Bam’s world, whether you like it or not; riding shotgun and wading through heavyweight banter from his cousin/hype man Big Body Bes, fellow Queens MC Mayhem Lauren, and a show stealing verse from Chance the Rapper.

Action’s legacy is yet to be determined, but with efforts like Mr. Wonderful it’s plain to see he’s right where he belongs. He’s making music on his own terms; dodging and countering real life issues that might break a lesser man. But this isn’t any mere mortal we’re talking about, it’s Bronsolino. Love it or leave it, Mr. Wonderful is another monumental early release of 2015. Pick up your copy today.


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