Listen: Your Old Droog- ‘Kinison’ EP

Stereogum’s writer called the punchlines on Your Old Droog’s new tape Kinison “deeply goofy”. Stereogum should stick to covering bands that are so cool they’ve retired by the time you’ve heard of them. Droog’s bars are balanced, clever, and deftly delivered. Even when musing on cornball topics like loving Joan Baez and Rage Against The Machine, this Coney Island Russian raps like life depends on it. Which is to say the kid rhymes like he breathes. Effortlessly.

Kinison riffs on the comedians bit which he declared his hate for rap music. Droog uses that sample to kick off the tape and continues to weave in band names and heavy samples throughout. This will hold fans over until a proper debut record. Check out the tape and download below. Your reign at the top was short like leprechauns.


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