The Sidekicks: Runners In The Nerved World

The Sidekicks got started playing Cleveland basements around 2008. From there the band found success with higher profile support spots following 2012’s amazing Awkward Breeds record. The Sidekicks are one of the best young bands in America, but household names? Not quite yet.

2015 brings us Runners In The Nerved World, their first release on the illustriously punk Epitaph Records; home to Rancid, Bad Religion, and Bouncing Souls. Produced by Phil Ek, don’t expect liberty spikes and circle pits. Instead, ready yourself for sugary-sweet melodies that trigger the Built To Spill and Band of Horses reflex. Not bad company.

There’s nothing weak or weary about The Sidekicks. They’re not soft or scared to plug in and turn up. They’ve simply managed to find a balance between the size and the sound. They’re also writing stronger songs every time out of the gate. “Everything In Twos” and “Century Schoolbook Grown-Ups” will haunt you long after they’re done. Play this record over and over again here. Enjoy.

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