Listen: Hanni El Khatib- Moonlight

Hanni El Khatib’s Moonlight is spit-polished bluesy garage rock that channels a younger, sexier Jon Spencer- while refusing to turn its back on the three chord spike of the White Stripes and Black Keys.

His hometown of San Francisco doesn’t exactly capture the moody wasteland vibe of Detroit or Rochester, but Khatib will be damned not to serve up sounds for a night completely off the rails. It’s the noise blaring at a bar built for The Outsiders, had things turned out differently for Dally and the boys.

Better late than never, Khatib has slowly revealed his face from beneath the shadow of Dan Auerbach’s wing. “Chasin'” and “All Black” are perfect snapshots of an artist coming out swinging. You don’t need the wheel reinvented when all you’re looking for is total cool. Check out the clip below.  It’ll do you just fine, if mindfucks are your thing.


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