Open Mic Eagle: Dark Comedy

Open Mic Eagle is a Chicago native dodging the brutal mid-west wind chill in Los Angeles.  It’s currently 9 degrees in NY, so who can blame him? He’s been working with the Project Blowed Collective making music, art and comedy for years, but it’s his latest release on Mello Music Group that has me stuck.

Mic spends the majority of his ridiculously great Dark Comedy record setting up the punchline. What happens between the start up and the delivery is some of the best smart guy confessionals I’ve heard in a minute. The joy in this project hinges on the fact that you’ve bought into the self-deprecation. The MC with the “pretty mean overbite who’s always between haircuts” plays the every man card with ease, making it a cohesive and vibrant ride through reality.

Perfect for a lazy Saturday with your superhero friends, none of which have very much money.


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