#Properganda- Macrophonic’s New Voyage

Macrophonic is back with #Properganda, the first cinematic hip hop record of my 2015 listening experience. The self-proclaimed MC from nowhere and everywhere in between has been seemingly quiet since 2012’s dizzying Commusication, but that silence seems to have fanned his creative fire. #Properganda is brimming with a string of electric moments which come together like themed panes of stained glass.

Macro’s spoken word background lays the foundation for his deft wordplay, yet this album lands him a few steps closer to a street corner cypher. Beats, rhymes, and fierce cuts power tracks like “Snow Blind” and “Inside Out”.  His travels may have taken Macro all over the country, but this collection sounds distinctly east coast in the way that it clings to the proven formula of hard tracks and calculated story telling.

Independent releases will continue to dominate the cultured musical landscape in 2015. Macrophonic’s #Properganda is a statement record from an artist whose grind is simply lighting the path for wild success down the road.


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