Tunji Ige- The Love Project

Tunji Ige is hip hop’s newest dual threat. He raps and sings. Produces and mixes. Writes and records. His talent is undeniable in a dangerously saturated scene that promises a new digital golden child on a daily basis.

Ige creates with a poise and maturity far beyond his 19 years. Upon first listen his music appears boundless, and that ambition is exactly why his debut, The Love Project, is both a gift and a curse. Even attempting to categorize this record is where most writers will falter. It’s all over the place; feeling entirely vulnerable yet staggeringly calculated. Musically, he’s at his best when the songs are given a chance to roam, and at his most contrived when harping on the ills of being young and caught up in the rat race.

Great art gives audiences the chills. The Love Project is packed with those tingling moments where age, innocence, and bravado simultaneously splatter the canvas making it impossible to predict how far his talents can take him.


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