Fat White Family’s Champagne Holocaust

London’s Fat White Family plays punk rock, but it’s not the frantic, pants shitting racket I spent years studying and loving to death. The Family brings a calculation and tongue-in-cheek snide to their craft that leaves you spinning their new record, Champagne Holocaust, over and over in a feeble attempt to figure it the fuck out. Good luck.

The record opens with the fuzzy “Auto Neuron” and nervously slides into “Is It Raining In Your Mouth?”, the classiest blowjob anthem I’ve ever heard.  And like all great punk front men, Lias Saoudi sounds like a hot mess. He’s pure chem trails and whiskey sweat. Champagne Holocaust feels like that first staggering morning after step; the terrifying search for your phone and wallet leading you to the realization that all lucid recognition gave way somewhere near midnight.

There’s more than meets the eye with Fat White Family.  This eleven song affair is only the first booze-soaked chapter of what will surely be a career full of wild naked stage parties and gorgeous missteps. I’m in. Grab Champagne Holocaust here, and enjoy your Saturday night.


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