Men Of Many Crowns

Men Of Many CrownsI’m too east coast for my own good.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate hip hop from every corner of our country, I just happen to gravitate towards the grittier, gray and blue sounds of the Northeast.  Every once in a while I’ll let Dom Kennedy or Nipsey Hussle spin when it comes across the shuffle, but Cali rap has never been a huge priority of mine.

Men Of Many Crowns, the collaborative project between San Diego MC MoodSwingKing and producer/DJ W.Steele has me questioning that bias.  Their self-titled release has been on steady rotation for the past two weeks, bridging the gap between traditional airy West Coast vibes and NY boom bap.  The sample-heavy production is flawless, paired with King’s champion bars. Don’t believe me?  Give  “Scandalous Desires” a spin. Spend a few bucks on the record here. Heads will nod.  Enjoy.


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