Stalley Rides For “Ohio” On Debut

Stalley should be commended for his willingness to stay patient and grind it out.  It’s been years since it was announced he was joining Rozay’s MMG crew.  Since then we’ve seen a few releases from Wale, Meek, and the boss himself.  Maybach Music even dropped two crew records for fans to embrace.  The machine churned on.

Stalley quietly piled up a few near-legendary tapes while the rest of MMG molded and carefully packaged their brands.  The irony is in the fact that Stalley himself is far left of the Maybach dial. He’s a peoples rapper in every sense of the word. From the modest lyrics to the Blue Collar Gang emblem swinging from his chain, he seems to encapsulate the vibe of the everyday struggle.

Ohio is the Stalley record that fans anticipated. From the production to the content, it’s a debut worthy of the praise.  There isn’t one moment of compromise. Check how the the NWA influenced “Jackin Chevy’s” shifts to the midwest boom of “Always Into Something”, showcasing Stalley harnessing the energy and IQ of his previous work while dialing up a new focus that drives these eleven tracks.  Topped off with “Navajo Rugs” featuring De La Soul, Ohio is a record that stands up and shines as one of the most unique recordings of 2014.



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