Rancid Take The Road Most Traveled

Rancid is by far my favorite band of gray-bearded punks.  These timeless wonders continue to piece together blistering albums that are somehow urgent and fresh sounding, despite being trapped in a decade-plus time warp.  Honor Is All We Know is the bands millionth record and arguably one of their best.

There’s nothing here to bitch about.  Rancid’s still punk as fuck. They still believe in honor, brotherly love, and loud guitars. They clearly don’t need you and me to sell records or tickets, and I still wouldn’t fight Lars for a suitcase full of unmarked hundo’s. Throughout Honor, Tim and Lars trade vocals and gnarly chords with a power that seems to be intensifying with each release. Thankfully, Rancid isn’t fighting the urge to add some harmony into their three chord assault, taking a nod from fellow Cali vets Social D.

The wheel is still perfectly round and Rancid won’t be the crew to change that dynamic.  But this stuff is impossible not to enjoy while it lasts. Up the old punx.


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