Adult Rappers: The Soundtrack

Like your favorite ball players or your parents, rappers grow up. Eventually age becomes inescapable.  Hip-hop has long been a game of youth, with trends and fresh faces rotating in and out of the public conscience for the past three decades. What about the MC’s that make touring and recording a career without the flashing lights and chunky record deals? Director Paul Ianncchino Jr. (DJ paWl from Hangar 18) tackles this topic in his new documentary, Adult Rappers.

The film is driven by a living, breathing soundtrack composed of ill verses from expert rappers.  From Albany’s Giant Gorilla Dog Thing and elsphinx, to Boston’s Esoteric and Slaine, the soundtrack is a testament to a sound we fanatics grew up on.  It’s a passion project fueled by the heart and souls of artists who know nothing but how to tear the mic down.  Grab the “Adult Rappers” The Soundtrack on MP3 or limited edition cassette here.  Bury the past? Never that.


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