Rough Beast Records Presents: Gigantic


Springfield, MO’s Gigantic met you last night.  They slapped you on the back.  They laughed at your shitty jokes.  They probably shotgunned a Keystone with you between drags of a Camel Light. Problem is, they don’t remember a god damned thing.

This rowdy 4 piece Rock and Roll shit show puts it down with the fever of Every Time I Die and the power of The Stooges.  Straight ahead racket fit to soundtrack those diabolic nights where you end up naked and afraid.

Gigantic is working with Rough Beast Records to release this month’s The Album, an aggressive 8-song creep fest that may bruise and batter those of weak body and soul. Buck up and crank this way past ten.  Let your neighbors know that you and Gigantic are about to do the bad thing.  Pass the ketamine.

You can preorder Gigantic The Album here.  You’ve been warned.


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