#KavyyGottaEat This Year

Readers know that I’ve been rocking with Kavyy for a minute. Over the past few years I’ve watched this young Harlem MC take strong strides towards his massive potential. #KavyyGottaEat provides a solid glimpse into the life and times of an ambitious, hungry artist who isn’t satisfied with retweets and likes. Dude wants his paper, and he’s coming into his own. Can’t stop…won’t stop.

The project is fire from end to end, with no filler.  “All The Way Real” is the sound of professional stunting, complete with glimpses of Harlem flashing past while Kavyy balances boasts with all-star cadence.  The album kicks off with “Ruff Ryda”, a stream of consciousness rant focused on the growing pains associated with the come up.

#KavyyGottaEat flaunts a fluid dichotomy of blue collar grind and caviar dreams that never feels contrived.  It’s simply the sound of ambition coming to life. Grab the tape here and be sure to follow the kid @paperkav on Twitter, and @kavyy on Instagram. Harlem on the rise.


Lace Up: Fall Calls For Runners

The fall is here and I’ve bagged the Jordan’s.  Cardboard soles, insane re-seller prices, and boring retro releases pushed me in a new direction this season.  Runners look nicer, feel like foot pillows, and (mostly) carry a lighter price tag.  Not only are they easier on the wallet, but the collabs between designesrs and brands keep me plenty interested.  Here’s a few pairs I had to track down.  Check eBay or Kixify if you’re interested. Enjoy.

adidas ronnie fieg Another Look at the Ronnie Fieg x adidas EQT Guidance 93

Adidas x Ronnie Fieg/KTIH EQT 93– Ronnie Fieg took inspiration from the first response men and women of the NYC Police Department during 9/11 to create this Adidas EQT collaboration. The gold leather on the toe box is scaled and made to represent the officers shield. The blues symbolize the uniforms, and the white mesh on the medial side reflects the kevlar vest. Overall, tremendous idea. Had to have these.

asics gel lyte iii nippon blues bait BAIT x ASICS Gel Lyte III Nippon Blues   Arriving at Additional Retailers

Bait x Asics Gel Lyte III- “Nippon Blues”-Los Angeles boutique Bait teamed with Asics to bring us the “Nippon Blues”, a collaboration that’s more Japanese inspired that their previous models which featured a more military camo-feel.  These look fantastic, and wear well. The red wax laces are a perfect fit.

bait saucony cruel world global warning 08 Another Look at the BAIT x Saucony Shadow Original “Cruel World 3: Global Warning”

Bait x Saucony Shadow Original -Cruel World 3- “Global Warming”–  This model, based around the idea of global warming, is a gorgeous shoe. The blue icy sole is an interesting touch.  I won these in a raffle and picked them up immediately. A nice mix of suede and leather, and the upper is a sweater material. Maybe my favorite shoe in my collection.

Packer Shoes x Saucony -“Snow Beach”– Wu-Tang made a video for “Can It All Be So Simple” that I watched awestruck as a teenager. Bars. Polo gear everywhere.  Raekwon. It was the soundtrack to my teenage years.  So when I heard Packer was teaming with Saucony to make a shoe based on the Polo Snow Beach collection, the hunt was on. They’re all mine, and I lied…they’re my favorite pair.

Enjoy the change of seasons.  Rock what you like.

Nas: The Season (and he’s still the GOAT)

Nas hopped on J. Dilla’s “Gobstopper” instrumental to create “The Season”, and it’s exactly what I needed tonight. It’s Nas talking shit all over the beat like it’s 2000, and why not?  At “forty and some change” he’s earned the right to flex any way he feels like it. Lucky for us, nothing Nas does is remotely a half-step. Check out the track and be on the lookout for a new Nas record in 2015. It’s the season, and the ruler’s back.

Rancid Take The Road Most Traveled

Rancid is by far my favorite band of gray-bearded punks.  These timeless wonders continue to piece together blistering albums that are somehow urgent and fresh sounding, despite being trapped in a decade-plus time warp.  Honor Is All We Know is the bands millionth record and arguably one of their best.

There’s nothing here to bitch about.  Rancid’s still punk as fuck. They still believe in honor, brotherly love, and loud guitars. They clearly don’t need you and me to sell records or tickets, and I still wouldn’t fight Lars for a suitcase full of unmarked hundo’s. Throughout Honor, Tim and Lars trade vocals and gnarly chords with a power that seems to be intensifying with each release. Thankfully, Rancid isn’t fighting the urge to add some harmony into their three chord assault, taking a nod from fellow Cali vets Social D.

The wheel is still perfectly round and Rancid won’t be the crew to change that dynamic.  But this stuff is impossible not to enjoy while it lasts. Up the old punx.

Logic: Under Pressure and Doesn’t Fold

Logic’s skill set is clearly undeniable, but I wasn’t sold.  Call me crazy… I just thought dude was trying too hard on his rappidy-rap shit. I also heard some Drake in his flow, which you know for me is the kiss of death.  A few close listens of his major label debut, Under Pressure, put my suspicions to rest. Logic is a young talent with scary potential.

Under Pressure is an east coast flavored project with the expansiveness of Kendrick’s GKMC.  Rather than stringing together a handful of radio viable singles, Logic crafts a cohesive body of work that pays tribute to A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul without taking a Joey Badass swing for the fences. The kid loves hip hop, and that love bleeds all over this record.

There’s a new crop of MC’s surfacing who seem to value quality over flash in the pan success. I’m willing to bet Logic’s longevity in rap will hinge on the mature moves he made on Under Pressure.  

Adult Rappers: The Soundtrack


Like your favorite ball players or your parents, rappers grow up. Eventually age becomes inescapable.  Hip-hop has long been a game of youth, with trends and fresh faces rotating in and out of the public conscience for the past three decades. What about the MC’s that make touring and recording a career without the flashing lights and chunky record deals? Director Paul Ianncchino Jr. (DJ paWl from Hangar 18) tackles this topic in his new documentary, Adult Rappers.

The film is driven by a living, breathing soundtrack composed of ill verses from expert rappers.  From Albany’s Giant Gorilla Dog Thing and elsphinx, to Boston’s Esoteric and Slaine, the soundtrack is a testament to a sound we fanatics grew up on.  It’s a passion project fueled by the heart and souls of artists who know nothing but how to tear the mic down.  Grab the “Adult Rappers” The Soundtrack on MP3 or limited edition cassette here.  Bury the past? Never that.

Rough Beast Records Presents: Gigantic


Springfield, MO’s Gigantic met you last night.  They slapped you on the back.  They laughed at your shitty jokes.  They probably shotgunned a Keystone with you between drags of a Camel Light. Problem is, they don’t remember a god damned thing.

This rowdy 4 piece Rock and Roll shit show puts it down with the fever of Every Time I Die and the power of The Stooges.  Straight ahead racket fit to soundtrack those diabolic nights where you end up naked and afraid.

Gigantic is working with Rough Beast Records to release this month’s The Album, an aggressive 8-song creep fest that may bruise and batter those of weak body and soul. Buck up and crank this way past ten.  Let your neighbors know that you and Gigantic are about to do the bad thing.  Pass the ketamine.

You can preorder Gigantic The Album here.  You’ve been warned.