Interpol- El Pintor

El Pintor, the 5th studio album from New York’s Interpol, sounds something like hitting 40 homers in a contract year.  It’s not as if anyone had written the band off quite yet; but they seemed to have faded into the crowded memories of music fans who once became enamored with the garage revival of the early 2000’s. What made Interpol stand out was their Mod Squad cool factor. Pissy and proficient, Interpol’s gloom juxtaposed their natural flair.

El  Pintor whips itself into a tight little frenzy reclaiming the Mood King crown.  “All The Rage Back Home” is a pitch perfect opener that beckons 2002 with a delicate balance of energy and regret.  “Same Town New Story” sports a haunting riff buried under swirling keys and a harmony that would make Bon Iver proud.  Re-imagining the band as a three piece took some time, but in true artist form El Pintor’s broad strokes illustrate Interpol’s exciting future.

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