Rough Beast Records Present: Dirt Nap

Dirt Nap via Rough Beast Records

Springfield, Missouri’s Dirt Nap is the fucking perfect way to end summer; scuzzy fun garage rock gassed up on cheap beer and a knack for taking the piss outta themselves.  With Labor Day fast approaching you might wonder…what sort of soundtrack should I put together for grilling hot dogs and huffing American Spirits while guzzling PBR in a vintage band tee?  Dirt Nap, you idiots.

The self-proclaimed river punks found a perfect home on Rough Beast Records, a label looking to keep garage alive, one sweaty DIY release at a time. Midwest surf punk is the ultimate oxymoron, and Dirt Nap play it for all it’s worth.  Imagine The Soft Pack minus the San Diego shine, or FIDLAR with less cocaine.

Check out the Rough Beast roster at  Be on the lookout for Dirt Nap’s sophomore release, Oh, Just A Few Boys Horsin’ Around, on September 11th, 2014. Their new single “Tar Pit” is streaming below.


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