Shaltz Shot Me featuring SWAG TOOF and Lil Wyte

Brooklyn visual artist Jason Shaltz is tapping into the essence of DIY music with a new series called SHALTZ SHOT ME. He’s pointing the camera at hip-hop in its purest form. Recent installments drop Memphis’s Lil Wyte and Harlem’s SWAGTOOF into the fisheye spotlight.  The results are a phenomenal combination of candid truth and genuine creativity.

Watch as Shaltz captures Lil Wyte in his natural Beale Street element, and TOOF BOYS Ouija and Choirboy as they mob through Harlem with pool ball socks in tow. The beauty in this project is the projection itself.  You’re seeing real time artists speaking from the chest.  Shaltz’s knack for seamless editing and his eye for the cleanest shot make the clips worth repeating.

Check out his work at  Follow the guilty parties on Twitter @jshaltz, @swagtoof, and @lil_wyte_. Enjoy.

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