Album Review: Spoon- They Want My Soul

Spoon has been cranking out brainy noise just left of the dial since the early 90’s.  Their steady diet of art delivered with one foot out of the batters box is why I love them.  You rarely get the “same” sound on any two Spoon records, yet they’re immediately recognizable like Built To Spill or fellow Austin Texas weirdos And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.

They Want My Soul is the bands 8th studio record.  It’s a polished affair ranging from the raging “Rainy Taxi”, to the jitters of “Rent I Pay”, the first single released in June.  Singer Britt Daniel is a triumphant lead man standing in the shadows.  His voice scratches and claws its way in, allowing the band to come to life around him. Unlike many “indie” bands of the 90’s, Spoon hasn’t played catch up, or waited on their fifteen minute spotlight. They’ve planted roots in the Texas rock scene and grown with it, maturing and evolving with each record.

Spoon may never haul in megabucks or golden statues for the mantle, but they’re quietly writing the book on surviving the rat race music business by letting their work speak volumes. Headphones, a bottle, and a little time to kill…disappointment will not follow.

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