Mic Lanny and DeeJay Tone Present: Good Cop Bad Cop

Mic Lanny and Dee Jay Tone’s Good Cop Bad Cop is a picture-perfect representation of hip-hop in New York’s capital city. Albany’s a city of workers.  It’s void of the glitz and glam of Manhattan, and falls short of Brooklyn’s hipster standards.  What it’s got is a core of artists and citizens who are proud of the 518, and put on to stand out from the shadow of the Big Apple.

Good Cop Bad Cop is the sound of a young man finding his footing.  It works hard to distinguish itself from the “return to boom bap” niche that nerds like me hate to mention.  Lanny raps like the game is life or death, and makes no bones about his love for the gritty coast he calls home; but what sets this collection apart is the balance of showmanship on the mic and the go-for-the-neck production from DeeJay Tone.  When you sprinkle in fantastic local features and hilarious clips from the 2010 film The Other Guys, you’ve got a creative and dynamic piece of art that has real substance.

Pay a few bucks for the record you cheap bastards.


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