Rome Fortune: The Beautiful Pimp

Rome FortuneThe hip-hop landscape is a cluttered mess, so much so that I can’t keep up.  There’s too many tapes, too many bandcamps, too many blogs…the irony.  I  pass on more dope shit than I actually cover, but it’s not possible to keep it straight unless someone was paying me to do it full time.  That’s why I get so genuinely hyped when I hear art that moves me.

A friend mentioned Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune a few weeks back (thanks Glassface), and as I type this, I’m listening to Beautiful Pimp II for the 3rd time today.  Rome channels the trappish sensibilities of his southern counterparts, but there’s something deeper here.  Like MMG’s Stalley, Rome delivers straight confessionals.  He opens his wild (and sometimes uncomfortable) doors wide open for the world to peek inside via production throughout by CitoOnTheBeat.  And you can’t help but look and listen…again and again.

Beautiful Pimp II is a rhythmic diary that showcases Rome’s natural knack for substance over style.  Of course this is a tape tailor made for smoking and sipping, but this soundtrack is honestly more suited for the trials and tribulations of a day in the life.  Whatever that means to you.

@romefortune @CitoOnTheBeat

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